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About us

West Coast Gas Ghana Limited (WCGG) is a Ghanaian company which has been incorporated to provide services to stakeholders in the value-chain of the oil and gas market.

We provide commercial advisory services to a broad range of private and public stakeholders in the gas business, including national oil and gas companies, regulatory authorities and international oil gas companies in Ghana.

WCGG acknowledges the competitive nature of the gas industry and has, therefore, developed accurate strategies and policies that seek to focus on integrity, excellence and maintaining a higher standard of customer satisfaction in the executing of its business activities.

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WCGG provides contract development services in the oil and gas sector and in particular services pertaining to the structuring, negotiation and execution of oil and gas sales and purchase agreements. These services are rendered from the point of initiation of the contract to final acceptance and execution by all parties concerned.
WCGG provides an assessment of a client’s installed information technology resources. This assessment determines whether the resource is being utilized properly or not. We also assess the utilization procedures and determine whether the resource is fit for purpose. We also provide recommendations for augmentation of information technology resources and their integration into existing workflows and systems.
Due to our expansive network in the oil and gas sector, we are able to forge relationships between firms or institutions and other firms as well as other nations. We not only forge these relationships but we ensure their longevity and cordiality to the benefit of our clients.